Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sorry it's so late..

So my trip wrapped up about 4 weeks ago and I still haven't finished blogging..my bad.

So I'm going to do a little catch up blog and finish this puppy off. It mainly be all pictures with captions sooo bear with me. I have absolutely no motivation to go tell about each day there.
 ^^ At Dresden Train Station
 ^^ Roomie and Me with the overlook of Leipzig.
 Building in Prague. I loved the Red!
 On St. Charles Bridge in Prague.
 Prague Zoo w/ some of the gang.
 Nathan pretending he was a turtle.
 Kirchentag in Dresden
 Overlook of Dresden.
 Myself at the top of the 3 Kings Church I believe.
 Your basic flea market in Dresden.
 In Vienna!
In front of the gardens at Belvedere. 

That's all!

On a Mission for God,

Friday, May 27, 2011

So viel aufzuholen!

So sorry for the lack of blogging the past few days. We have had one crazy busy week. I'll start by blogging each day:

May 24th:
On Tuesday we went to a school for students wanting to be in the hotel or restaurant business. When we got to their school we performed for them. After the performance we went and had drinks and cake with the teacher and her assistant. Then we were split up into groups and went into the classrooms and talked to the students. The students were allowed to ask us any appropriate questions and we answered them. This exercise was to help them use English more.

May 25th:
On Wednesday we were supposed to go to a music school to sing for them, but due to uncontrollable circumstances that was cancelled. So we went and sung on the streets and passed out flyers for several hours. As always, it was really enjoying and neat to see peoples reactions to our music. Once we were done, we had free time and were able to go do whatever we wanted. We basically had a girls "night". Taryn, Kimber, Amanda & I went to H&M and then went to the tallest building in Leipzig and went to the top to sit on the roof and enjoy the weather and the overlook of the city. We spent about an hour up there.

May 26th:
On Thursday we went to a school were students are studying to be different kinds of medical assistants (veterinary, doctor, etc.) We sung for over 100 kids and then broke into small groups and talked with them for about an hour and a half. After we were done there, we all went back to the LST Center to rest. We went to the Ronald McDonald house later that night where we helped to prepare dinner and ate with the parents of the sick children. We also performed for them. Let's just say it brought tears to almost everyone's eyes. I just pray that we uplifted them.

May 27th:
Today we went to a middle school to preform and then we broke into small groups again to chat with the middle school kids. It was a little harder to converse with them because their English is not as good as the older students. The conversation ran dry pretty quick - but Taryn saved the day several times. We then were free to go eat lunch. After lunch, we went to a hospital and performed for some patients. Several of them really enjoyed the concert - you could tell by their movements to the music and the smiles on their faces. After the concert, the lady who organized it gave us books of the city and lanyards with the hospitals logo on it. After that concert we had another one at a hospital for mentally handicapped patients. The patients were the nicest. When we got there, we had sandwiches and drinks waiting for us. Then as the patients would come in, most would greet us and try to start talking to us in German. It was so sweet. We performed for them and then we were on our way back to the hostel. Before we went to the hostel, Taryn & I went to this popular ice cream place and got ice cream to enjoy.

Tomorrow we have an off day until about 5. Taryn & I plan on sleeping in a little bit and then taking the Trams all over Leipzig and eat lunch at a somewhat fancy restaurant. Then we have to come back to practice for the concert and then it's SHOWTIME!

Here's to the last few days in Leipzig!

That's all for tonight! Guten Nacht!
On a Mission for God,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sorry I haven't blogged recently! I'll be back soon! Things have been uber busy!

On a Mission for God,

-For updates, you can always ask my parents if you know them! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nur ein kleines Gespräch mit Jesus macht es richtig.

Guten Tag!

Today was a somewhat busy/relaxing day if that makes any sense. This morning/afternoon we sung on the streets and passed out flyers for our concert on Saturday. I absolutely enjoyed today! I enjoyed singing in front of the crowds and having people stop and watch us and actually be interested in what we were doing. It's so neat to see God work in the the littlest ways. After our singing campaign was done. Taryn and I went to eat at the LST Center where we had leftover lasagna. Then Taryn, Ben and I went shopping. Taryn and I went to H&M while Ben went to a book store, but then we lost Ben after we came out...sorry Ben. I actually bought something in H&M today though!! I bought a super cute dress, a tank top and leggings for 23 euro. Then Taryn and I went and got Gelato. We both had Kokos (or coconut). But I really didn't like it because it had coconut flakes in it. Then we went to sit down and found out shortly after that I sat in Bird Poop!!! Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then we went into the Euroshop. It's basically like the Dollar Tree, but with BETTER stuff. Yeahz.
Now we are sitting in the hostel - chatting with eachother on Facebook. We're lame. That's all for today. No pictures, sorry.

On a Mission for God,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ich spreche kein Deutsch

My title is a saying I'm going to have to learn how to say. Other than "Do you speak English?" I just feel like that is rude.

Ha!! Anyways, Once we went back to the LST Center today, we set up for Coffee and Cake with the LST contacts. To my surprise, Taylor, a friend from back home showed up. Taylor is also in Germany on a mission trip but he is working in a town about an 1 1/2 hours away, called Chemnitz. We ended up knowing the same missionaries in Germany and they invited him and his mission group to Coffee and worship service with us. After worship, I got to talk to Taylor a little bit about his mission trip. From our conversation, I gathered that it was going pretty good, but he would like to be meeting with more people throughout the week. So, please pray for Taylor and his mission group and pray that they touch more lives.

Also, I played several rounds of UNO tonight with Chad, Taryn, Nate, Thomas, Charles and Amanda. Let's just say... I think little Nate hides cards somewhere. :)

Tomorrow, we start singing on the streets, so pray for us as well. And pray that we touch lives too! That's all for tonight.
Guten Nacht.

On a Mission for God,

Nur ein weiterer Tag im Paradies

Guten Tag! For all of you at home, you probably aren't even awake yet. But for those of us here in Germany, it's 2:00 PM. This morning, most of the group went to St. Thomas Catholic church. It was definitely experience in itself seeing as the whole service was in German and it was Catholic. Nothing against those who are Catholic, I've just never been to a Catholic service so it was different for me. We went to the church to actually listen to the Boys Choir perform and they were AWESOME! We then stayed for part of the service, but what we didn't realize was that today, it was Conformation day at the church. We ended up having leave during the middle of Conformation because the LST group was feeding us at 11. Once we arrived to the LST Center, we ate Lasagna, corn and bread. Let me say, the Lasagna was the BEST Lasagna I've ever had. Pam is an excellent cook! Now most of us are back at the hostel resting until 3:30 because we have to go back to help set up for Coffee and Cake with the contacts. Then we have worship! Today has been a great day so far!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wunderschönen Tag in einem Wunderschönen Ort

So, today the fellow missionaries here in Leipzig took us to a castle in a nearby village.

This castle is around 800 years old! Can you believe that?
Anways, we had an amazing tour guide:
...but she didn't speak a lick of English..but that was okay. Larry translated for us. I absolutely loved listening to her even if I couldn't understand her. You could tell she was very passionate just by her body language.

We found a cat there at the castle:
We named him Adolf. He had the mustache. No lie!!

Here's an overlook of the village from the castle:
It's beautiful here and I'm having the greatest time! I'm so blessed to be a part of this trip.
After the castle trip, Thomas, myself, Taryn, Josh and Amanda all went to St. Nicolas church to hear a brass orchestra along with an organ. It was beautiful music. I loved it! After that, Taryn and I went to Luka's to eat. I had a sandwich that had salami, some type of cheese and a bacony flavor to it! It was delish! After that, we met up with some of our group to get Gellato. Mine was mocha flavored. Yummm! Then to top my night off, I got to finally Skype with my family. It was so good to see them face to face and to hear their voice. It kind of cures the homesickness.

Gotta head to bed though!
Tomorrow we are going to a Catholic church to hear a choir perform. I'm pretty excited about that! Then we had several events with the LSTers. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow! Praying we help to change lives!

On a Mission for God,